Color Charts

BROWSER SAFE COLOR CHART. A useful color chart. A guide to the web artist courtesy of artist, Bill Murphy.
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  2. Color Charts and Color Wheels - Blick Art 88%  
From Dick Blick Art Materials - Find a selection of color wheels and charts, perfect for classroom or studio display.
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  3. Color Tools - Html Color Chart, Color Charts... 87%  
Color charts, swatches, palettes, color schemers - commercial, free, ... The 36 Color Wheel, Interactive Real Color Wheel in Light and Pigment for Artists ...
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  4. Color Wheel Pro 80%  
Color Wheel ProT is a unique software tool that allows you to create harmonious color schemes and preview them on real-world examples.
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  5. Chart Wheel Color Selections 77%  
NOTE: The small samples here do not convey the depth of color and details contained in the full page size. Birth forms allow for custom color chart wheel ...
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  6. COLOR CONSULTANTS - Colors from SeaCliff. 77%  
Color design and consultation to web designers, fashion industry, architects and film producers from SEACLIFF PRODUCTIONS.
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  7. Real Color Wheel, Color Pigments, Colorwheel... 77%  
Real Color Wheel Color Chart with top tint to mass tone charts. Open a new window for a list of hard to spell search ...
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  8. html color chart 77%  
The rgb (red, green, blue) color cube can be sliced to show the full range of colors.
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  9. Color Wheels-Color Schemers-Color Resource 76%  
Super Color Chart - Generates colored background and colored links across ... Color Picker - after you select a color, matching images pop up Color Wheel * ...
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10. Mercedes-Benz Ponton Paint Codes Color Charts 76%  
he Types 220a, 220S, and 220SE of all Ponton body styles got full wheel covers with the ... color charts below and see the codes more legibly. ...
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11. Sanford & A Lifetime of Color: Study Art 75%  
Additive Color Color wheels show how visible colors are related. Primary, secondary, and intermediate colors are organized on a circular chart. ...
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12. handprint : an artist's color wheel 75%  
The artist's color wheel does not show mixing complementary colors. ... judged (at least for small color differences) from the chart of pigment locations on ...
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13. Web Color Charts plus Links 72%  
Try these words in your HTML code! Color Text Chart 16 Colors ...these rated Links teach how to add "COLOR" to your pages.
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14. Graphics Unleashed--Color Chart for Matching 71%  
Use a color chart to accurately match your printed colors.
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15. Free Astrology Color Chart Wheels 69%  
Generate astrological charts and reports. ... Free Astrology Charts. Current ChartWheel GMT. Graphical Ephemeris ... Chart Color:, Black, White. Harmonic: ...
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16. Color Resources - Graphics Software - Links 69%  
Links to articles and information about color as it relates to graphics software: general information, color theory, color software and tools, color tips, and color palettes, from your Guide
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17. Taylored Marketing RGB Color Chart 69%  
Web designer offers a chart featuring all the RGB colors used in web design. Browse by hex numerical codes or view swatches.
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18. Color Wheel Lesson Plan 69%  
Learning and using the color wheel is one of the foundations of making art. Through the discussion and creation of a color wheel the students will learn how ...
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19. The World of Color. Around the Color Wheel 69%  
Around The Color Wheel our guided tour around the color universe, the color wheel looks like the best vehicle ever invented.
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20. Davis - Pantone® Matching System Color Chart 69%  
This chart is intended as a reference guide only. PANTONE Computer Video simulations displayed may not exactly match PANTONE®-identified color standards. ...
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21. Color Wheel - Michael Douglas Jones 67%  
COLOR WHEEL (from the series, A Turning of The Wheel) The rumble of unbalanced wheels; vibrations turning into voices; one voice paints to please the painter, one voice draws the...
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22. COLOR WHEEL - Bill Murphy 67%  
Remembrances of the old TR-6. A"color wheel" by Bill Murphy. Or thoz' sounds of roaring engines and smashed headlights... remember JoAnn? Get the NEXT link.
Found by: an Excited Murphy searching for Magellan
23. Old Paint Charts for Triumph Colors 67%  
by Patrick McMullen. HTML rendition by Ken Streeter . One of the continual problems plaguing restorers of any automobile, particularly those from manufacturers that have long since been out of business, is attempting to match original paint colors, or find an original paint color that the restorer likes!
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24. Non-Dithering Colors by Hue 66%  
Last Updated: 17-Jul-96 by: Lynda Weinman.
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25. Hex Mixer HTML Color Charts 66%  
Hex Mixer makes browser-safe color selection simpler by displaying all like colors together. Site provides both hex codes and RGB values, and allows users to view all browser-safe colors against their chosen background color.
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26. 4096 Color Wheel Version 2.1 66%  
4096 Color Wheel Version 2.1 by Jemima Pereira. Free for any use. Save this page and the image. (IE users also need a blank gif.) ...
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27. U.S. Specialty Color Corporation 65%  
color chart · book. color. Every attempt possible was made to ensure accurate color representation. However, due to all monitors being different, ...
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28. handprint: CIELAB & the color wheels 64%  
CIELAB color wheels. If paints were just pure color... But there are many possible color wheels.
Found by: Google
29. RGB to Color Name Mapping (Triplet and Hex) 63%  
RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart Many of my co-workers have this very concise 200+ colors with RGB chart on the wall behind their monitor.
Found by: Google
30. HTML RGB Color Chart 63%  
Of the standard 256-color VGA palette, Web browsers can accurately display only 216 colors without dithering.
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31. Sanford & A Lifetime of Color: Study Art 63%  
Glossary Term: Color wheel Color wheels show how visible colors are related. Primary, secondary, and intermediate colors are organized on a circular chart. Color wheels help artists remember how to mix and think about pigments.
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32. Color Charts 63%  
If you ever wanted to find the perfect background color or text color for your web page or e-mail, here are a list of charts that have a wide range of colors.. You have a choice between RGB and Hexidecimal codes as well as some color converters.
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33. HEX MIXER HTML Color Charts - Web-Safe 62%  
HTML C O L O R CHARTS » Description: Hex Mixer makes browser-safe color selection simpler by displaying all like colors together.
Found by: Google
34. Color Charts Reichenbach 61%  
These color swatches supplied by Reichenbach should be close. Actual colors may vary. 2, (T), GOLDRUBIN, 40.10. 3, (T), DKL GOLDRUBIN, 53.20 ...
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http:/sprucepinebatch/reichenbach colors.html
35. Color wheel - Wikipedia 61%  
A color wheel is a wheel used to show the relations of colors. The standard color wheel for light has colors of magenta, yellow, and cyan located at ...
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36. Web Color Chart - Hexadecimal - by VisiBone 60%  
Chart of 216 web-safe colors with hex HTML codes, fitting on one screen. Free swatch libraries and color scheme design lab. Printed HTML color charts ...
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37. Comparison of contrast sensitivity and color ... 59%  
PURPOSE: To compare contrast sensitivity and color vision in patients in whom ... contrast sensitivity chart at distance and the color discrimination with ...
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38. Color Charts 59%  
Color Charts, Calvgar Software, Freeware, Shareware ...
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39. Color Matters - Design and Art - Color Theory 58%  
Analogous colors are any three colors which are side by side on a 12 part color wheel, such as yellow-green, yellow, and yellow-orange. ...
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40. CyberJazz HTML Color Charts 57%  
HTML hex COLOR CHARTS. Ever wonder where to get those colors to use for your home page? Well, look no further.
Found by: AltaVista
41. Nita Leland's Color Scheme Selector Wheel 56%  
Product information and pricing on color scheme selector color wheel.
Found by: EuroSeek
42. RGB Color Chart - General Web Tutorials 56%  
The RGB chart shows the RGB and hex conversions of the web 216 pallete.
Found by: Google
43. Myspace Color Code Picker 54%  
Get the color codes that you need, move around the cursor to get the color you want, then click on the COPY button to get the color code. .
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44. Daxassist Colors, Color Chart, Colour Chart 55%  
Web Safe Printable Colour Chart. For printing, be sure to set your browser's Print » Page Settings to print backgrounds. Otherwise the chart colors probably ...
Found by: Infoseek
45. Color_Wheels 53%  
Home · Shop · Specials · Ordering Information · Help · About Us · Affiliates. Browse our aisles for quality art supplies at 20-80% off every day ...
Found by: AltaVista
46. Basic Color and Design SBFAQ 50%  
Ergo/Gero: Human Factors Science Color and Design SBFAQ
Found by: EuroSeek
47. handprint : color wheels 51%  
CIELAB & the color wheels.
Found by: AltaVista
48. COLOR WHEEL - Bill Murphy 48%  
Remembrances of the old TR-6. A"color wheel" by Bill Murphy. Or the sounds of roaring engines and smashed headlights...
Found by: an Excited Murphy searching for Magellan
49. UOSS Color Charts 48%  
Special Moves Chart ... UOSS House Design Contest - Famous Houses of Brittannia ... Together with the reputation system patch OSI also changed the color ...
Found by: Yahoo!
50. Color Codes 47%  
Color Charts: Free Color Charts info Find what you are looking for from Webmonkey!
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51. Urban Fredriksson's Color Reference Charts 46%  
Fredriksson's Color Reference Charts Part I by Urban Fredriksson.
Found by: Google
52. The Michel-Lévy Interference Color Chart 45%  
Let's conduct a more-or-less chronological survey of Michel-Lévy interference color charts, starting with the granddaddy of them all, the original one that ...
Found by: Direct Hit
53. Free Color Charts ClipArt - cliparts, animations 44%  
PurKat Solutions Clipart Gallery. Web Design, Maintenance& Marketing Resources. ~ Color Charts ClipArt ~ FREE - Take What You Need and Give Link...
Found by: AltaVista
54. Pantone Color Chart - by Logo Design Team 41%  
Logo Design Team offers Custom Logo Design and Graphic Design Services (including ... you should note that every computer monitor varies slightly in color.
Found by: EuroSeek
55. Non-Dithering Colorsby Value 40%  
Call us toll free at 1-888-335-9632. International callers: +1805-646-7076
Found by: Infoseek
56. Color Wheels 38%  
Color Wheels By: Kevin Robinson. Medium: Acrylics.
Found by: AltaVista
57. Art Xpress 37%  
Offers an array of paints and other artist's materials. Includes Holbein color charts, message board and online specials.
Found by: MSN Web Search
58. Non-Dithering Colors in Browsers 37%  
By Lynda Weinman Go into great detail about subjects which may be new to you, such as dithering, CLUTs, palettes, and 8-bit color.
Found by: Infoseek
59. Color Charts: Codes and Examples 35%  
Having trouble finding just the right color for you pages? Stop in and see if you can find what you're looking for here....
Found by: AltaVista
60. Index to the Delica Color Charts. 34%  
A complete set of on-line color charts for Miyuki Delicas. Keep in mind that colors may differ from monitor to monitor.
Found by: FAST Search, Lycos
61. RGB Color Chart 33%  
The RGB color scheme can be used to display 16777216 different colors from White #FFFFFF to Black #000000 unfortunatly some computer display monitors will ...
Found by: WebCrawler
62. **COLOR CHARTS** 33%  
Color charts for your reference. PLEASE NOTE: there are variations and limitations of computers...
Found by: AltaVista
63. Color Sampler Charts: Phaser 350 31%  
Color Sampler Charts The CD-ROM contains color sampler charts for the following color specification methods: CMYK: Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black RGB: Red, green, and blue HSB: Hue, saturation, and brightness PANTONE® Colors.
Found by: HotBot
64. So, You Want A Color Code, Huh? 29%  
... Please note: "Aqua" and "Cyan" produce the same color: 00FFFF "Fuchsia" and "Magenta" produce the same color: FF00FF ...
Found by: Direct Hit
65. RGB Hexadecimal Color Chart 27%  
Offering a 216 web safe color chart including color codes for hexadecimal and rgb color values.
Found by: Infoseek
66. HTML Color Charts 25%  
WEB/HTML COLOR CHARTS Keep in mind that these aren't ALL the available colors, just a nice cross-section of them. Technically there are 16.7 MILLION...
Found by: AltaVista
67. Rainbow Gallery 24%  
Designer threads. Product information including online color charts. Free patterns.
Found by: Open Directory Project
68. HTML Color Chart! 22%  
From Doc and the Professor's Web Design and Internet Solutions, provides Web Site Design and Internet Consulting.
Found by: Direct Hit
69. complete html true color chart 19%  
C o m p l e t e H T M L T r u e C o l o r C h a r t ; T a b l e o f c o l o r c o d e s f o r h t m l ...
Found by: Direct Hit

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