Anna Lieb

Anna Lieb. Bill Murphy. 2002. Original on canvas. Image size: 44"x35". {BM0236}.

Paintings © 2000-2018 i.Murphy . USA . FRANCE
 with Anna Lieb, Swedish model:
Framed Original On Canvas
One of a kind. The digital file for this portrait is destroyed on production.
This item ships in 3-4 weeks.
The price for this original is US $13,000.00.
Also, available in small print on paper.
Visit the offical Anna Lieb website.

Sold framed. Shipping is FREE Worldwide.
Digitally Mastered Painting on Canvas.

Accepting BITCOIN.
Email for a BITCOIN Invoice.
Original Portrait $13,000.00
sold framed
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Originals Details

Anna Lieb.
Beautiful ladies on canvas. Digitally mastered by contemporary, American artist, Bill Murphy.
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