In the beginning...

In the beginning...
i.Murphy. 2002. Original on canvas.
Image size: 170"x40". {BM02105}.

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 Painting DETAILS
 with In the beginning...
Framed Original On Canvas
One of a kind. The digital file for this original is destroyed on production.
The price for this original is US $33,000.00. Payment and terms may be arranged personally with the artist or use your PayPal account and recurring payments. All verified PayPal account holders qualify.

Obtain 0.00%* interest financing with 15% down and 24 equal monthly installments. Enjoy your original art now with easy interest free financing. Not a PayPal member, join now by clicking this "PayPal" link. Ask about "lease-to-own."
* Note: PayPal customers who use their credit cards to make payments are subject to customary bank finance charges on their unpaid monthly balances. Otherwise, purchases under this plan are interest free.

Sold framed. Shipping and sales tax within USA is included. For delivery outside the USA, contact the artist.
Digitally Mastered Painting on Canvas.

Accepting BITCOIN.
Email for a BITCOIN Invoice.
Original Mural $33,000.00 framed
Click Payment Plan to arrange purchase.
Take 24 months to pay. Interest free!
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In the beginning... This original is over fourteen feet across. It is digitally-mastered on canvas.

It is impossible to depict the fine details of this original on your monitor. CLICK HERE and you may see a detail of the face in this painting.

This artwork is offered framed, matted, and hand-signed by the artist and installed at your location under the personal supervision of the artist. This painting large, matted and framed on canvas. It measures over 50 square feet and is suitable for any large home or office location. Installation requires 3-4 weeks. If you are interested in acquiring this special digital painting, you may contact the artist to arrange alternative terms and installation.

Watch the new "BELLES SERIES" emerge from studio development. Set to rival the "Mona Lisa," and then some.

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