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Your painting is absolutely beautiful and looks great in my house. The colors are really lovely.
Elizabeth Taylor, Movie Star/Actress. Beverly Hills


I... just bought a "Moonwalk" print and I'm really surprised with your work. Since I was very little, I used to look at the moon by nights. If it was growing or decreasing I always see an enormous smile in the sky. But what I liked, and continues [pleasing] me especially was to look at the full moon: always saw a face in her, warm and languid at the same time. When I saw your picture I remained impressed, it was as if I knew it of all the life... exactly equal to the face that I see in the full moon, when I contemplate it for the nights. Thank you very much to have expressed "my image", I never had not been able.
(and sorry for my English)
P.D. The rest of your work is amazing!!... I love people who can play with shapes and colours as you do!
Lorena, moon lover. Madrid.


... your fantastic nice picture - dogs... it makes us great pleasure!
Helena Potenska, travel consultant. Prague.


"... our editors have selected your site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability."
From: EDITORS, at USA.


Your watercolor... is great and the framing is perfect for the picture - we are both delighted.
Chester C. Soule, retired, Peterborough.


A quick note to thank you for the beautiful addition to my apartment. The painting is just perfect and I have had many compliments on it.
Stephanie Zillgitt, Agent. Los Angeles.


There is a remarkable artistic talent running through this family. Most of it seems to have adhered to you. Your work is delightful; the color, design and technique superb. [Your] watercolor is hanging in a place of prominence in the master bedroom next to two of my mother's oils (also flowers) and is a pleasing compliment to them.
Geoffrey Grout, Yachtsman. Old Lyme.


Seldom is greatness recognized. It is a pleasure and honor to know you...
Robert Chehock, Head Hunter. San Clemente.


I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your exhibit... In particular, I enjoyed the pieces that reflected the "moon" as I am a Moon Gazer myself!
Linda Rainwater, Art Aficionada. New Orleans


I've seen your paintings online and I think they're wonderful. I especially like your "Sunspot" piece.
Andrea Harmon, Businesswoman,


Congratulations from all the staff at Art Space You have won the "World Web Award of Excellence" for originality, overall design and appearance, ease of navigation, and content. Keep up the good work.
Art Space 2000, On-Line Gallery Auction.


I am occasionally in Laguna so next time, I will look you up. Good luck with your art career.
Vanna White, TV Personality. Los Angeles.


... wonderful painting... It is very unusual and makes its own statement.
William I. Koch, Businessman, Collector. West Palm Beach.


I am enjoying my painting Very Much!
Davida Tussman, Art Collector. Studio City.


I just wanted to let you know that I think your paintings are great. They really move me. I've never felt such emotion from a painting. My favorite is "Picasso's Girl!" Words can't explain how I feel about it. I use it as my Screen Saver and look at it continuously. I e-mail everyone to show them your art.
Krista K. Welch, student. Morgantown.


I think.... You are a very funny bloke. Not boring. But a bit bossy, very bossy actually. A dreamer... From another planet. Where they invented dream making. Who needs bread when you can eat cordon bleu dreams? Promo? You don't need it. You are it. A VERY NICE FUNNY BLOKE.
Jeanette Leuers, Artist. Ercé-en-Lamée


I like cobalt blue vase very VERY much.... more power to you.
Stephanie Dy, Legal Secretary. Manila


I had visited your site and was impressed! ...Sunspot and Cobalt Blue Vase intriguing. The painting of the flowers are simple yet combination of colours is stunning, bright and lively. Its beautiful.... I am myself interested in painting especially on nature.
Aida, Educator. Singapore.


- Serìa un honor tener una de sus obras en mi casa donde el amor, la naturaleza, y los colores alegres sean un buen estìmulo cada dìa para todos los integrantes de mi familia, y que asì siga brillando la paz que irradia.
Betty C. Ardila, Profesora. Caracas.


I love your paintings, they have inspired me to watercolor paint.
Di, Tennessee.


...your paintings are absolutely breathtaking. I see traces of Francesco Clemente in the portraits and nudes. Clemente is one of my favorite artists and now I will have to add you to that elite list also.
Jessica, High School Student. Desert CA.


Thank you very much for letting use your "It Must Be Love" painting with the rabbits holding paws. It struck me as such a sweet picture, and it helped my friend and I communicate some important feelings across the waters (he lives in the Netherlands and I in the US).
I just wanted to e-mail my appreciation. Especially because often times, we seem to appreciate things in life, but forget to tell! :-)
Marian Sheeran, art lover. USA.


Damn! I am late for work (ad agency) perusing your gallery! Three French Soldiers, OMYGOD!!!!! Terrific!
Paige Henson, Advertising.


I like to let you know how much I love your paintings. The world would be bored and too practical if we don't have your romantic arts.
Nicole Lin, Student.


From a fellow artist to another: You sure are daring, that's the way to go! Ward Brackett, author of When you Paint, wrote under the title: Never be afraid to experiment: Audacity, if anything, could be the most important thing in painting. After the fundamentals have been learned, after tecknique, procedure, and style have become habit, then quite often a certain complacency sets in. This habit can make us lazy and easily satisfied, reluctant to tamper with a formula that has been good to us. The familiar is a lot more comfortable than the untried and the untested. The artist should never be afraid to experiment, to explore new paths, and occasionally to overreach himself. A fear of the unknown will stifle the creative spirit faster than anything else. So be rash-be reckless when you feel you are getting into a rut. Remember that Impressionism, Fauvism, Expressionism, and Abstractionism would be unknown had it not been for the audacity of these experimenters. By the way... where did you get that funny Spanish??
Janine, Artist.


[your paintings] are so beautiful. You can really tell they come from your inner soul.... You are truly blessed! That's exciting to me.
Patricia O'Hearn, Flight Attendant NWA. Seattle.


I'm currently an eighth grader very interested in art. I noticed your work while exploring the Internet, and your work drew me in. I have chosen you to write a paper about for my art class. If you get the time, I would love to hear about your style and what some of your paintings are expressing. I am especially interested in "Fire Moon".
Meredith Long, 8th Grade. Art Lover. CA


I was really surprised at how much your paintings spoke to me and moved me. ...When I looked at the pictures, something inside of me awoke and I felt like, in a strange sort of way, they were not only being looked upon, but were looking at me, like we knew each other. Hard to explain.
Sandra Greengard, Health Professional. Minnesota. of your paintings, a face, ..."Stella" somehow captured me.


...en la página del pintor Bill Murphy, además de ver sus obras, se pueden comprar algunas de ellas, la mayorìa cuerpos de mujeres pintados al óleo con fondos multicolores que llegan a costar seis millones de pesetas, como el cuadro titulado La chica de Picasso. Pero también puede adquirir una copia impresa por una suma mucho más asequible.
Ariadna, El Mundo. Nov. 11, 2000


...You're really a good painter too. A good luck to you, always!
Ronaldo, Art Lover., Brazil


    I entered the Studio. This is great. Maeve is fantastic. Penthouse Girl, An Oasis, Three French Sailors, Picasso's Girl, Dream Girl - all, all are wonderful. I liked very much Yellow Bouquet - it is luxuriant.
   Your Clowns are special. It seems to me that they would have very sad eyes. I understood for the first time how sad [the] profession is making people laugh. I think there is implied somebody's soul.
   You have fantastic yellow. Van-Gogh has yellow but his colour is more shining. Your yellow is lighter and warmer. And cherry - colour. I remembered Renoir's ''Peaches''. Your cherry-colour is as unique as Renoir's. In all [the] paintings are beautiful figures and combination of colours. During looking through your paintings it seems to me that I heard wonderful music. One must often look through them. They are in need of reflection. Please get this letter as a thank you note for your art.
Nino Kachakhidze, Physicist. Tbilisi.


I really enjoyed your website. I am a student at Savannah College of Art and Design and I was surfing the net doing research on "Self-portraits" for my life drawing class and I ran across your website.
Your use of color is fantastic. Your paintings show such emotion. I have been doing water color for years and I just have to tell you how much I love your approach. Very unique.
Johanna Williams, Student. Savannah.


I received your print of Nude № 14 intact and the Internet rendering doesn't do it justice. The colors are absolutely vivid, especially the blues. What gorgeous print I own. Thank you.
Gregory Ian Runge, Attorney. Bismarck.


Very cool, Bill! I'll post it on my art page! xoxoxo Victoria Z
Victoria Zdrok, Model/Celebrity. NY


.... never again am I going to collect ANYTHING (except art). My new office will be much more "sheik" ...will decorate with a couple of watercolor prints I did and Galina, of course. ...I am really impressed with your art, Bill. I wish I was that smooth -- you are very progressive and I bet you are doing really well in your computer-generated art, not to say I don't LOVE your other work; I couldn't afford it! I notice Elizabeth Taylor has one of the watercolors, wow!
Patty Barrett, Artist, Gadsden

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