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Sadly, .dcr has gone the way of cave paintings and these treasures are lost to the go-go modern world. Here you find replicas in .mp4 courtesy of YouTube. Click on the Movie name to view them.

Green Gulch       
Length: 1.5 min.
Green Gulch Print
Man in the Moon Print
Man in the Moon
Length: 0.4 min.
You may yet enjoy the several print images created from these now iconic ventures.
Shockwave no longer functional
Our Man
Length: 1.3 min.
Our Man: The Print
Gears Print
Length: 1 min.
Shockwave Removed
Green Edges
Length: 1.75 min.
Green Edges Print
Troops 5 Print
Troops 5d
Length: 1 min.
Dance Man
Length: 0.5 min.
Dance Man Print

Above are links the digitally mastered prints made from these decommissioned .dcr movie files. Dinosaur fans welcome

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